We're excited you've taken time to learn more about Birthday App!

We are Birthday App and we believe there is big business bringing delight and making people feel special. We build experiences around how people actually behave instead of how we wish they would. We believe that birthdays are universal days (excuses) for celebration and have a very large idea we've built in making these celebrations as seamless and special as possible. Everyone has a birthday and that's where we come in!

Our first product automatically finds your friend's birthdays and creates a calendar without you needing to lift a finger. Then we remind you when someone’s big day is coming and make it easy to help them feel special. There are also some fun surprises on your birthday too.

Our Benefits

    • Salary πŸ’°We offer salary competitive with the market and while we believe in performance reviews, we also believe that raises and bonuses can come unplanned.
    • Stock Options πŸ“œ We are hungry and early and we want everyone to share in our future outcome.  Ownership is important across the organization.
    • Work From Anywhere πŸŒŽ Collaboration and contribution reign supreme at BC and while we keep an office in Los Angeles, we offer flexibility for those that want to work remotely.
    • Home Palace (Office) πŸ  WFH is kinda new and most of us need to make some changes to our space to make it...work.  So BC offer $1000 to make it your perfect space. We also offer $100/mo for lightning fast internet.
    • Get Out πŸ›€ WFH have you feeling trapped?  No more!. BC specifically will book you for 1-2 nights (300/quarter) in a new place in your city. Seeing familiar things from different eyes makes everything better!
    • Unlimited Books πŸ“š Curiosity is our most important tenant/attribute and we put our money (parchment) where our mouth is.  We will reimburse you for any book/audiobook purchases (within reason)
    • Furry Family πŸ•πŸˆ  We want everyone excited so if you have a pet, they are entitled to a special monthly treat, courtesy of the BC family
    • Caffeine Kick β˜• We reimburse the first $50 per month for coffee, tea, energy drinks, or your preferred form of caffeine.
    • Flex πŸ‹πŸ½  A healthy mind needs a healthy body so we offer $100/ mo reimbursement to the physical activity of your choice (gym, rock yog, boxing, etc.) This can also include at-home workout equipment.  
    • Sound Mind πŸ§  Now you know, a healthy body needs a healthy mind. So we offer a $50 monthly reimbursement to whatever it is you do to improve what’s between your ears. That can include meditation apps, therapy or anything similar.
    • Team Fun πŸŽ‰  Every month we host a mystery team event that gives you chance to bond with your colleagues, let loose and maybe make a crazy story.
    • A Company About Joy & Fun πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽˆ In general we believe that people often drift from what gives them delight and BC’s mission is to deliver it at scale.  We believe we are one of the rare spaces where everyone wants more of it, so if you want to truly make 10million+ peoples days, then we have some work to do.

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